Return and Replacement Policy

Valid reasons for replacing an item:

1. Delivery product is damaged (physically destroyed or broken) / defective. (See Note No. 1)
2. If the product is completely different from the picture on the website.
3. The product delivered is incomplete (missing part).
4. If your product is defective / damaged or incorrect / incomplete during delivery, please contact us by phone, FB message or email. Your product may be eligible for refund or replacement depending on the product category and conditions.
5. Please note that some products are not eligible for a refund if the product is “no longer needed”.
Usage. For issues with the device after use or after the return window has expired, we will refer you to the brand’s warranty center (if applicable)) Please see our warranty policy for more information on warranty claims.

Return terms:

1. The product must be unused, unwashed, washed and without any defects. Fashion products can be tried to see if they fit and are still considered plentiful. If a product is returned to us in inadequate terms, we reserve the right to return it to you.
2. The product must include the original tag, user manual, warranty card and accessories.
3. The product must be returned to the original and unrefined manufacturer’s packaging / box. Do not put tape or stickers in the manufacturer’s box.
4. You must show unboxing video for proof.

How much product do you have to return for replacement?

Items sold on can be returned within 24 hours from the time of delivery, but they are eligible for refund.


1. No complaint will be accepted after the product is inspected in front of the delivery man.
2. You must show the original customer copy of the invoice to authenticate your purchase when handing over the product.
3. If a product is returned to us in inadequate condition, we reserve the right to return it to you.