Camry Analog Hanging Weight Scale 100Kg Capacity

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Camry Analog Hanging Weight Scale 100Kg Capacity in Bangladesh

Camry analog hanging weight scale is inexpensive and reliable scale to weighing food meat produce fruit and vegetable. This is the perfect scale of your daily life and commercial use, which is a great assistant for the fishing, supermarket, produce market, swap meet and even a feed weighting as well.

Analog weight scale use gravitational force to measure the weight of an object. It doesn’t need any batteries, comparison weights, riding beams, or weighing pans. This analog weight scale only requires four major parts, a durable housing, hooks or rings to hang them and the item you are weighing, an internal weighing mechanism, and a face to display the weight of the object being weighed. Analog hanging scales are ideal for determine the weight of awkwardly shaped and large objects that you simply can’t weigh with a top loading or platform style scale.

This kind of hanging analog weight machine is compact and strong enough with 150mm diameter dial housed in the traditional metal case. Camry portable analog hanging weight scale is good and reliable product.

Its durable hook can provide an accurate reading with the max capacity 100kg, making it ideal for food Meat Produce fruit vegetable weighing, and fishing trips. If you want weight the feed of your pet, this is of help too. Hanging weight scale scales are suitable for home kitchens, shops, outdoor use.

Features and Advantages of Camry Hanging Scale:

  1. Premium quality iron body.
  2. Heavy duty weight machine.
  3. Portable size.
  4. High precision and high cost performance.
  5. Hanging weight scale is easy to use.
  6. Two types stainless steel hooks for durability.
  7. Durable hook provides an accurate reading.
  8. Highly reliable dial spring scale.

Specifications of Camry Analog Weight Scale:

  1. Product Name: Mechanical Hanging Scale
  2. Brand: CAMRY
  3. Color: Silver / Gray
  4. Weight Capacity: 100kg Maximum
  5. Dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 1.6 Inch (L x W x H)
  6. Material: high quality steel, high strength spring
  7. Condition: 100% Brand New
  8. Product Origin: China
  9. Warranty: Nil

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